Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), the nation's oldest and largest children's and family literacy organization, has a mission: to inspire passion for reading and learning through innovative literacy programs and services.

The premier literacy organization of its kind, RIF makes reading fun through exciting motivational activities that culminate in "book distributions"— opportunities for kids to choose and keep books at no cost to them or their families. RIF provides books to children through a network of local volunteers, who RIF programs and organize events.

At North Pontotoc Elementary, RIF brings over 1500 books to more than 500 children each year. The librarian together with staff and parent volunteers organizes successful reading motivation activities and book distributions three times a year.  Since starting the RIF program in 2008, children at North Pontotoc Elementary have received more than 3000 books.

Nationally, RIF serves children from preschool through high school in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Since its founding in 1966, RIF has distributed more than 250 million books for children to choose and keep. Each year, RIF serves approximately
  • 5 million children through its National Book Program and special initiatives
  • 23,000 sites across the country
  • 435,000 volunteers—educators, parents, service clubs, business people and other committed adults

Although RIF programs vary in size and location, all incorporate three key elements:
  • engaging books for children to explore, choose, keep, read and treasure;
  • motivational activities that capture kids' imagination, and inspire them to read; and
  • dedicated volunteers—parents, teachers, and community leaders—who make a difference.

RIF serves children in traditional settings—schools, libraries, and community centers—but also extends to children who are hardest to reach and at risk of growing up without books, such as those in crisis facilities, migrant labor camps, detentions centers, and hospitals.